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New Hope Painting – The Carousel at the summer fair

Posted January 3, 2020

This is what the bunnies are all queueing up so patiently for! The actual painting is bigger than shown here, but you get some of the idea from this.

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New “Hope” painting

Posted December 31, 2019

A new addition to the hope range of paintings – in this one the bunnies are enjoying a day off in the sunshine, but what are they waiting patiently for in that queue?

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Exciting new floral prints

Posted December 28, 2019

I’m pleased to be releasing some new floral prints soon – I’ve been working on these paintings for quite a while now as you will probably see from the detail in them….hope you like them!

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New prints coming soon

Posted December 18, 2019

Here’s a preview of one of my new prints, just a section from the new hope meadow print – they’re waiting for the carrot to fall…time goes faster when you’ve got someone to share the wait with!

The original watercolour painting is available to buy at Whitby Galleries.

UPDATE – 30th December 2019 The original painting has now sold.

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New Floral Prints

Posted November 29, 2019

I am presently working on some new flower paintings to be put into print early 2020. Here’s one that isn’t yet finished.

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Hope is better with a friend!

Posted August 6, 2019

I am currently working on this painting – hope….. but this time he has a friend, or that’s what I’m planning for the finished painting.

6th September 2019 This painting is now finished and for sale at Whitby Galleries.

UPDATE …….This original painting has now been sold.

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Hope Resin

Posted June 6, 2019

I have recently finished this new “Hope” resin piece. With 3D detailing and a resin covering, it is a different take on the original “Hope” panel. It is now available to buy from Whitby Galleries.

Update – now sold

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New Print for “Hope” Series

Posted May 10, 2019

Here is a small section of one of the new bunny paintings due to be released in a few months’ time….. just a little preview!

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