Catherine J Stephenson
Fine Artist

Where it all began

I have always loved drawing; for as long as I can remember I have looked at things and pondered how I would put them down on paper. If something catches my eye I naturally want to draw and paint it - that is the only reason I can think of as to why my paintings are so diverse. I would say that the one thing my paintings have in common is a zest for life and colour. Hopefully many of my paintings will make you smile - and, to me, that is the best art of all!

What i'm Working On
Specials at Whitby Galleries
It’s about putting hope in our hearts and art in our lives.

A unique style

The official website of Whitby artist Catherine Stephenson. Originator of the Hope Series of rabbit paintings, floral watercolours, including the popular Spring Floral Pods, and architectural sketches of Venice, Paris, London and New York. Please browse through the pages and see the new projects that I'm working on. Any original paintings that are for sale here are available exclusively from Whitby Galleries. Also all Catherine Stephenson prints from Artko (plus a few more exclusive to Whitby Galleries) are available. Find the Gallery details in the contact page.