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About me

…Well, actually, it’s not about me at all. It’s about the people and places that have deeply influenced my outlook, my passions and my art.

It’s about my home and my childhood. I was born on the North East coast, in the early seventies life for me was idyllic - a loving family to argue with. A loving family to inspire me.

It’s about my Mother who recognised that I had a creative mind and arranged for me to have art lessons with an artist who lived nearby. Not being rich, my Mum no doubt mended or altered this old lady’s clothes in exchange for these art lessons. With every lesson there was a freshly baked cake. She taught me to be a disciplined and honest painter - but she also fired a love of watercolours in me that has never dimmed. Her first lesson was ‘Always have your paints in the same place on the palette, then you instinctively know where the colours are, so your painting will be instinctive as well.’ I still keep the same colours in their correct places, though I suspect my palette is far more messy than she would have liked!

It’s about the amazing art shop in the town where I lived, run by a gifted and inspiring artist. I would save up my pocket money and go down to this shop - you could feel his enthusiasm for art with your first foot through the door. Whatever art material you asked for it was there somewhere, and it was as if he gave you an art lesson with every purchase. It was a delight to go there, and I have never been in a shop like it since.

It’s about my Aunt who one day bought me a real sable paint brush and some large sheets of beautiful thick paper. That taught me how important your paper is, and if you ever ask me for a painting tip I will tell you to use good quality watercolour paper. The most expensive you can afford. Oh, and a good paint brush. To this day I still have that sable brush.

It’s about the traditional sign-writer who taught me never to tolerate a flat line in any curve that you draw. It’s about my art teacher who kept on pushing me when I wanted to stay inside the box. It's about my wonderful friend who encouraged me every step of the way. It’s about my family who unsparingly support my dreams, and unsparingly criticise my work. It’s about the gallery that took a chance on my work and sold it to the world. It’s about the beautiful town where I live and the vibrant colours that surround me. It’s about the soothing music of the waves on the beach, and the call of the sea gulls that tell me I’m home.

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“It’s about putting hope in our hearts and art in our lives.”
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